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Nolanville man presented with $1M check by Old Navy


HARKER HEIGHTS — Nolanville resident and Army veteran Scott Rowe is still in a state of disbelief after finding out he won $1 million in Old Navy’s Overnight Millionaire Black Friday Sweepstakes.

Rowe, 35, and his family gathered Wednesday with store officials in the Harker Heights Old Navy store, where he was presented with his $1 million check.

“We had Thanksgiving dinner and decided to do some shopping and that’s when we found out about the contest,”

Rowe said. “I was standing in line behind like 300 other people and I was joking with a lady in front of me who already had a (contest) bracelet on that she didn’t have to worry about the rules because I had already won.”

Little did he know, he would get a phone call that would change his life Friday.

“When I got the call after picking up my mom from the Killeen airport, I thought it was a prank,” he said. “You fill out those sweepstakes forms and then you forget about it because the odds of you actually winning are not possible.”

According to Julie Luker, Old Navy spokeswoman, Rowe was randomly selected from more than 500,000 sweepstakes entrants from stores across North America. The first 500 people who entered an Old Navy store on Black Friday were given a game piece, which they later had to register online to be eligible for the grand prize.

“When the call came through, I thought to myself ‘there is no way this is happening to me,’” Rowe said. “The good Lord has shined down on me and my family and blessed us with this.”

Scheduled to go back to Afghanistan in 11 days to resume training explosive detection dogs, Rowe recently submitted his letter of resignation.

“This is the first time in four years I will be home for Christmas,” he said. “I’m just looking forward to spending quality time at home with my family.”

His daughters, Paityn, 6, and Keiley, 7, received an early Christmas gift this year: being able to open gifts together as a family.

“I’m really happy my daddy doesn’t have to go back to Afghanistan,” Paityn said.

Keiley said she is looking forward to opening presents face-to-face this year, instead of via Skype.

Despite being a $1 million richer, his No. 1 objective with the money is to secure his daughters’ futures.

“I can set them up to go to college now without having to worry,” he said.

“Sure, I’ll buy some things here and there and we will go on some family trips, but my No. 1 priority is my girls and there well-being.”

Steve Stickel, senior vice president and head of stores for GAP, said Black Friday comes and goes and the company wanted to do something special this year and reach out to its customers.

“Here at GAP we sell more than just clothes,” he said. “We set out to make a difference in someone’s life with this contest and no one is more deserving than Scott. His story is magical.”


Chris Tomlin: I’d go to jail to honor Christ


Christian singer/songwriter Chris Tomlin may have a Grammy and a No. 1 album under his belt, but for him, it’s not about winning awards—it’s just about God and his music.


Tomlin’s songs are sung at tens of thousands of churches every week, and his latest tour is now available on DVD. And although some criticize modern worship songs for being overly simplified, Tomlin believes that his approachable take is what draws people to his music.


“We’re trying to write in a way that’s singable for people, that is in with the times,” he says. “How do I make this that the average guy who’s tone-deaf and who can’t clap on two and four; how do I write it where he can join in?”


Although he is making church music more mainstream, Tomlin said he will never go so far as to deny his religion for the sake of being politically correct, no matter the cost.


“I’m never going to apologize for saying Christmas is about Jesus Christ,” he said. “Someday you may be put in jail for that, but too bad.”


So, would he go to jail to defend Christianity?


“Of course I would,” he says.


‘Family Guy’s’ Brian coming back in upcoming episode?

Family Guy 660 AP

Anyone up for a Christmas miracle? Just weeks after the controversial death of “Family Guy‘s” Brian Griffin, it sounds like we might be seeing America’s favorite atheist pooch again really soon.

Fueling speculation that Brian’s passing was merely a publicity stunt, the official description for the Dec. 15 episode — cryptic as it may be — strongly suggests that Brian (Seth MacFarlane) will be returning to the land of the living.

On the Christmas episode, “Stewie devises a master plan to get the one and only thing he wants for Christmas,” according to the official description from Fox. And, as pointed out by Entertainment Weekly, the network lists Brian as a character on the episode.

Another indicator that Brian will be back for good is that several episodes this season feature his name in their titles.

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Even if Brian does return, one question remains: What’s going to happen to Vinny, the dog who quickly replaced Brian after his untimely demise? Tony Sirico, who voices the character, recently signed on to do six episodes, suggesting Vinny will be sticking around even after Brian comes back.

A popular theory floating around the internet is that Vinny, or his owner, was driving the car that hit and killed Brian. There was, after all, a time lapse between Brian’s death and Vinny’s adoption.

Regardless of whether or not that theory turns out to be true, let’s hope his stay with the Griffin family ends better than “New” Brian’s did.